Start and finish. Birth and death. Is time a straight line? Surely it all ends when we close our eyes and when we go…somewhere. Some of all raised by that thought, that we must go somewhere after our existence, just to create that comfort, and give peace to people that not everything ends and that life after is even more beautiful. Now, even if that might be true, we are not sure. What we are sure of is this life. We can see it and feel it. We can feel it on our skin, and anytime when we think, when we create these mental puzzles and paths. What we are sure of is now, and how we create our complex puzzle called life, and what pieces will we use in order to make sense. Those pieces are all around us, they are everywhere. And despite knowing that this (a)society now is based on individualism, and we are trained like monkeys (sorry monkeys just a metaphor, I actually adore you) to believe that our life depends on us. Deadly wrong. What matters is the connections that we form with everything around us. What matters is the connection that I am using now in order to post this scribble. And what mattered yesterday night, at that moment, was her. One piece of a puzzle. A really fascinating piece of a puzzle.

It all started unconventionally. But I do like that. She told me that she will be late. I didn’t have any problem with it, because I knew this night will be special. She arrived on a bike. And right then, she started proving me what I was suspecting: she is different. And I can recognise different people easily. I find these people interesting. First thought that crossed my mind : She must be an adventurer. And I happened to confirm this fact, by the way she filled the bar corridor, the way she feels closed and trapped in a small space, the way she moved around the bar. I could see her energy, her restless aura that was glowing all around her. She was like a hurricane that can destroy everything around her if you are not careful. At time she reminded me of a French girl with her movements and her purple beret, but with an even stronger spirit of a girl from the east. And once a person sees that, it’s hard not to get addicted of it. But because I had to stay with my feet on my ground, and act ”normal” and not say something that will be too much, for a first encounter, I had to remain not that impressed. And I was. It was probably one of the very first experiences in life, where I meet a person like that. So unique, so talkative, so willing to listen to whatever I had to say. Some people tend to become uninterested. She didn’t. And something tells me (that something maybe is the fact that she stayed longer than she expected and she actually surprised herself) that my  not so well thought words and stories are interesting to her as well. Looking at her eyes I knew she was drawn. I was and still am surely. I didn’t look at time at all and she didn’t as well. Time is important and we are the architects of time, but at that moment, time was not continuous. My mind wandered whenever she talked, and sometimes I reached places like I was there. I couldn’t stop talking to her, and I think that she had “troubles” stopping talking back. I knew that night will end, but I knew that it was special. I felt like not ending. In my mind it continued, and I am still going back to yesterday, trying to find out more about her, something that I might have missed, a little detail, the smallest one.

The night was special because it was not ordinary. We went to a coffee after that. I liked that she liked doing unconventional things. Like having a coffee after. In a random bar. With random people around us and a dog. With a bartender that was crying for his sleep.

At the end, as we watched at the river together I felt different. I was passing that part before, but this time, the water was different. It was more calm, even though the teenagers were too loud and too drunk. I insisted on waiting for her tram. And I wanted the tram to be late. Just so that I can talk to her more and more and get to know her more and more. And I don’t want to stop. And something tells me that it won’t stop.






An inevitable women tribute

8th of March, Wednesday morning, listening to Dido. What a special day. A day we should all celebrate with all the women we know, or at least write to them, because it means so much to them. From what I’ve witnessed throughout my life so far, it means a lot more to a woman to receive whatever sign of affection than to a man. And that is completely normal. Of course today is the official day, or the mainstream one, but we should be every day remembered that women hold an equal right as men in this world. History showed us that women didn’t receive the same rights as they do nowadays. We all know that history shouldn’t be forgotten, but that is history and we should live in the present and future and I am so happy to have witnessed  that change, read about that change that allows us all equal rights in every sphere. Of course, there are still many cases and situations where things should improve. Many countries where women still receive lower salaries  men, or they are not as respected at their work, or not enough respected at home even. Many countries where women are afraid to voice and share their opinion and to freely speak. And in 2017, to still witness and see that is quite sad. But we must know that the hardest thing to change in life is our culture. It requires hundreds of years, many books, positive thinking, even posts like this one are all contributing to changing that culture and making our world a better place.  And we should all do that. We all should be aware that women are special.

Furthermore, I like to add, that in my opinion women are the more gentle gender. The more beautiful one and the more serene one. I will probably always think that. There is a certain and a huge beauty about women that men will never reach, Their smile,  kindness, honesty, pureness, are all beauties that make this life beautiful and that lights this world up. It’s not a coincidence that that greatest feeling in the world is to feel that women’s love, to reach her hear, and to feel and witness her emotions towards you. It’s a great feeling to look at a woman in her eyes, and recognise that beauty, that pure and inside beauty that in my opinion only women truly have. Yes men can be gentle too, and yes they are beautiful in their own way too, but there is just that something, that is naturally different.

To finish, this is for all of you, first and more importantly for women, not just because of today, but because of every other day of the year, you are making our lives special, you are a key ingredient to our lives, you are the beauty in this world, you are beautiful. You deserve so much and so much more, because you bring that special beauty in this vast world. That is rare, that is irreplaceable and that is a great virtue. And for men, please respect all of the women around you, help them, take care of them, but last and not least, look at their eyes, hold them and hug them, and tell them they are special, words are enough. If you can, give them a flower on this day, not just on this day. Give them the symbol of femininity, Or maybe something else if you please.  The material gifts or presents are not at all important.

Lastly to all the women out there, enjoy, and be proud of everything you have achieved, and know that you are grand.