15th, better than 14th of February

As I am opening my eyes and choosing what song of The Killers I will listen to, The Killers because trance songs are too hard to listen to first thing in the morning, I realise that I feel better than I felt in a long time. It’s probably because I am still under the effects of yesterday’s mood, but whatever it is I have to embrace it and keep it.

Life is a strange roller coaster. It’s the moments that make it beautiful, that we all seem to be forgetting nowadays. It’s the love that we share daily, with ourselves and the ones around us, the moments that we spent with our friends, our families, it’s the pictures that we pain each day, the code that we will write today, the story that we will publish,  the sound of the passing train as it up shows up again in the same place as yesterday, with the same delay as yesterday. And yet for most of the people nowadays that is not enough. They understand life as a materialistic uprise. If they don’t get what they desire, life doesn’t make sense to them. If they don’t secure themselves a good house, an apartment, a big yard, a new cell phone, with 0.02 bigger inch than their previous one, they are grumpy and unsatisfied, they feel lost, and pressured, demotivated, and depressed. Is it their fault, if it is fault? Not necessarily. It all starts from when we are kids, being raised in a too generic way. To follow rules, to finish on time, to be someone who we don’t want to be, and not just that but like that person that we become. To become more open, even if there is nothing wrong with being introverted, to finish school, and not just any school but a prestigious one, a worthy one, one that will put us above the others on the materialistic ladder of the 21st century, to celebrate days of love on specific dates and not celebrate love every single day, to visit a doctor when we suffer from being lonely and we have depression, instead of turning to ourselves and the ones around us. The weird part is that most of the people now are living like that, and they are convincing themselves that that is the way it should be, the only way. Staring at their cell phones all the time, that became the reality of the 21st century, avoid the emotions and trap yourself into a virtual world, and be happy with it, be happy with the number of likes, comments, views that their picture will have today, be happy with watching unnecessary shows and movies, just to escape from their stress that their life brings.

People must realise that love is the key for everything, love is what binds everything together, and through love we can achieve everything. And love must be celebrated every day, as much as we can, and never ever put aside. Nurtured, and cherished. Not just on a day set up by some society or culture. 15th of February is different than the 14th, because today people talk about what they bought to their partners, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, instead of loving more, repeating the same thing today as well if possible. I am doing exactly that, I am thinking about her more than I did yesterday. I love her more today than I loved her yesterday. Because I know that every day I love her more and more. And I know that each day, I wake up thinking of her smile, and eyes. And that is what keeps me going, not the song of The Killers that I listened to, as my first song today. She is my everything, and knowing that she is still in love with me today, and I am still in love with her more and more, makes this day better than the previous day, and the day before that, and the day before that. She is real and she is the only thing that I truly care for.

Knowing that on the 15th and loving her more today, makes 15th better than 14th.


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