Have you ever questioned yourself how all of this doesn’t make any sense? Have you ever wondered why are we doing all of this from day 1? These might be usual questions and surely many at some point in their lives asked themselves the same things. Many also will say that we should appreciate life. But actually nobody tells us why we should appreciate it. There isn’t any guide, there isn’t any manual nor book of life that tells us that. Don’t get me wrong, that kind of book shouldn’t exist. And even if it is it shouldn’t be available. Every person should learn by themselves, that is one of the main beauties in life. Freedom. Freedom for everything. Freedom to live how we want, and learn from our mistakes and build on that however we want. Democracy, a word that many nowadays cherish so much and worship. A system built by people like me and you, to make our lives better, to bring peace, equality and multiculturalism. It’s the 21st century, society in the past 50 years evolved like never before, and I am sure that it won’t stop. But as everything in life, nothing is errorless. It has to have a bug. Many might agree with me on this, many might not, but that together with this book, together with the money we make, the houses that we are building, our existence, are most likely irrelevant. If all of that is irrelevant, what is indeed relevant in our not so long timeline? Another simple question for many, another question on which honestly there should be a simple answer. But if life was simple, then people wouldn’t be successful we would’ve all lived this dull lives filled with normality and simplicity. Are you, reading this confusing and pointless book on your e-reader, cell phone, computer, tablet, holding my book in your hands, ever wonder what is the balance in this rapid, agile and complicated era? Why are we becoming slaves more and more to the government, to society, to the people that we love, to the system? Something that wasn’t that noticeable before, now it becomes clearer with every passing day, with every new ‘revelation’, with every new discovery. Another of the series of questions would be, why are we blindly allowing becoming these modern slaves? Is it really worth? Some might treat me as a hypocrite here, with right. I am writing about freedom and democracy in the previous paragraph, and now I am saying that we are becoming slaves more and more. That can be explained. Maybe not easily, but nothing in life is easy, wherever you go. I will start by stating that our whole life is a paradox, an illusion and a faux. Not so straightforward start. Indeed. Everything that we know of doesn’t actually mean much. We started by being primitive. We invented useful tools, we created so much, buildings, sculptures, we invented art, we invented astronomy etc. And I can’t deny that all of that is a part of why we should exist. We should always tend to improve ourselves, to improve our kids, our better half and to try to justify our existence. Otherwise why are we living? We surely can’t remain still and do the same things all over again, without any variation.

Each one of us, me, you, the cashier at the supermarket, the CEO of the bank where are money are deposited now, were probably happy. We experienced this wonderful feeling where we feel like a kid, where we feel careless, where our problems are for a moment forgotten, and they disappear from our minds. And we want that moment to last forever. We want to capture that moment. I am talking about remembering it, not digitalizing it and publishing it online where it becomes exposed, and where we become open. But then, what is wrong with that? Is there anything wrong?

We know that things nowadays become more and more exposed, we share more and more as people, and we reveal more and more of our intimacy. Our lives are shaped in this way that we have the freedom to publish whatever we want, to publish it using our dear Internet, and that makes us happy. That makes us satisfied. We live in a society where people are more proud of themselves and they appreciate themselves more if they receive more likes on their pictures and if they have more friends on whatever social crap there is. We live in a society where our lives are constantly at risk. Have you ever wondered that while using the subway, train, using a plane, we are exposing our lives constantly and we put our lives at risk? And the worst part is that we have to live with that. We have to trust banks, pilots, subway network, people that constructed all of them that there won’t be errors, and that they don’t mess something up that day. We as people are becoming more and more complicated, and most of the times we can’t process all of that. Our minds are still not evolved to process all of the data that surrounds us, all of the stress that we have to deal with, all of our fears, all of our problems, managing them, take care of our health, take care of our family, morals, norms, learn new things every day, remember them, and pass our knowledge onto a new generation, that we hope will appreciate that knowledge and upgrade it. And in the middle of all of that, which is just a small part of the activities that we are responsible for daily, we have to find happiness and love. So what is really the paradox of the 21st century? People were happier in the past. Yes, this comes from a complete stranger which is an unknown like we all are to this world. But we have so many things, we invented all of these exciting inventions, we created products that will help us. Then why when you go out you can notice more and more unhappy faces? Why people are showing each other the finger on the street? Why should I witness that and be a part of that unpleasant daily situation? But hey, as I already said, democracy, we have our comfort zone, and we can do whatever we want in this comfort zone of ours, within the boundaries. We shrink more and more into our comfort zone and despite sharing more and more of our life on the social media, we’ve lost our ability to communicate in real lives. Our main tool of understanding and sharing knowledge taken away, because of the rapidness and because of the growth of the system. We rather stay home, talking to a complete stranger over the Internet about our problems with whatever alter ego we present to him/her, then going out with our friends, family and sharing whatever problems we have with them and ask them for help. We became so afraid to ask for help and the saddest thing is that when we do, we pay a complete stranger (yes a shrink with a prestigious degree is still a stranger, because each life is unique and our lives shouldn’t be a template), to listen to us, and to make us happier and make our life better over 36 sessions in the next 2 months. People were happier in the past also because everything was more original. We lived in this zeitgeist where people could relate easier to one another, and where they could listen or watch something that was original and creative. I am not saying that people are not original or not creative now. I am just saying that society is declining, and the system forces us to live in this illusion and think that it’s expanding and upgrading. It is declining in a sense that more and more people are not doing the things they like. Our movie industry lacks ideas. Our music industry must follow the trend. Our TV and TV show, all similar to one another. Our lives, similar to one another. Take the TV-show Breaking Bad for example. It had to end in such a way in which all the bad things in the show had to be ceased, because it has to be acceptable by the public, it had to end like that because otherwise, it might teach us a lesson that bad things are allowed.

Another example, movies. The most popular genre is sci-fi. As if Hollywood learned the recipe for making money, film a story about something that is not real, let the audience imagine, add special effects, add superheroes and you have a successful franchise. Why should they change if it is successful? Why should the music producers stop experimenting with their music, when more and more public likes experiments and ‘modern’ music? Elements of different styles. Diversity. Less words. Better video. More viewers. Less originality. But it works.

This hoax somehow works. How does it work? It remains a mystery to me.